Have The Relationship You Want

(Joyce) #1


Why It’s So Hard To Feel Loved

As women, we’ve all dreamed of being loved, held, touched, emotionally cherished and
committed to for life by a man we can respect and love.

And I know you’ve already tried nearly everything you could think of to have this kind of
love life you’ve always dreamed of.

Though your dream of love may seem like a long road from where you are now, getting to
your goal – toward any goal – involves a series of steps.

Each step in this book is in the form of a new skill, or Tool, designed to bring a man toward
you with hardly any effort at all on your part. Each Tool is designed to make you magnetic to
a man – instead of invisible.

When you put the Tools in this book together, it becomes a roadmap you can follow toward
your goal of a great relationship, no matter where you’re finding yourself right now. And
that roadmap gets you back on track to your goal no matter what happens “on the road.”
Even if you get sidetracked or stalled – the Tools will get you where you want to be.

The principles behind my Tools are simple, and yet what you’re about to learn is the
complete opposite of everything you’ve ever read, heard or been taught your whole life.

The Way Men Fall (and Stay) in Love Is Different From The Way We

Women Fall

We’ve been taught, whether through our upbringing or through books and movies, that
men should love us just because we’re smart, pretty, funny, clever, a good sport, sexy, good in
bed, have a good personality, are a good friend or because we’re a decent and nice woman.

Only, they don’t.

Men don’t fall in love because of some checklist of qualities that look good “on paper.” We
think they do, because that’s the way women get excited about a man.

We make checklists, we check off boxes on the check lists, we weigh and value and label
and think and analyze and try to solve problems and figure a man out. We fall in love with
ideas. We fall in love with a man’s potential.

We fall in love with our sexual attraction to a man. We are enamored with how we’re
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