Codex - D&D 5e Unearthed Arcana

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Shifters, sometimes called “the weretouched,” are descended
from humans and natural lycanthropes, now nearly extinct on
Khorvaire. Shifters cannot fully change shape but can take on
animalistic features—a state they call shifting. Shifters have
evolved into a unique race that breeds true. They have a
distinct culture with its own traditions and identity


Shifters commonly have chaotic personalities and experience
extremes in their emotions. They are often temperamental
and are liable to change moods in swift and dramatic fashion.
Shifters find it difficult to control their emotions, especially in
stressful situations. Some have learnt to control their
emotions however, it is obvious to others that they're finding
it difficult to do so.
The shifter mind-set is built up around the idea of being
self-sufficient and being able to conjure inner strength in
times of need rather than relying on one's allies. Shifters can
seem overly cautious or constantly ready for future events. A
common saying among shifters is "preparing for the journey
yet to come" which reflects how they believe the world can
change instantly and how important it is to be prepared to
avoid the danger that those changes can bring.
Shifters believe that the reward for independence is
freedom and thus they feel uncomfortable around those who
attempt to impose their will and beliefs upon others. It is also
common for a shifter to feel restricted in a human settlement
with its rules and law enforcement.
Due to their predator instincts shifters can't help acting or
thinking like animals and think in terms of hunting and prey.
Like wolves longtooth shifters feel the urge to form packs
with companions whether they be family or even a group
consisting of no other shifters. They make useful companions
as they work well in teams, capable of coordinating attacks
and will come to the rescue of any of its pack members.
Razorclaw shifters are more independent, self-reliant and
adaptable than their longtooth cousins. They're just as loyal
to their group as longtooth shifters however, they expect their
companions to be just as self-reliant and capable as they are.
Razorclaw shifters strive to carry their own weight within
their groups.
Shifters are accustomed to distrust and don't expect better
treatment from the other races though, some try to earn trust
with their companions through good deeds. Most shifters are
neutral and are concerned more with their survival than
ethics and morals.


Shifters resemble humans but with more animal like
features. Their bodies are physically fit and lithe, they tend to
move around in an animal like manner, crouching, springing
and leaping. Like cats they have wide flat noses with large
eyes, pointed ears and claw-like nails on both their toes and
fingers. Their hair is thick and worn long and some have long
sideburns to match. Longtooth shifters claim that werewolves
are their ancestors and have canine features while the
razorclaw shifters claim weretigers to be their ancestors and
display feline features.

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