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46 Burgers, Shakes & Fries, Oh My!
Beefy vegan burgers with all the
fixin’s, craveable fries four ways,
and five next-level milkshakes
for countless fast food-inspired,
mix-and-match meals.
56 Veganize It!
King Oyster Boil with
Spicy Smoky Sausage
58 Fresh & Healthy
Farrow-Stuffed Zucchini Boats
60 Quick & Easy
Watermelon Mint Gazpacho
62 Sweet Treats
Fruity Cashew Cream Popsicles
64 TasteTest
For VegNews’ 19th birthday, we’re
celebrating with the 10 best birthday
cake-flavored treats you could
(blow out the candle and) wish for.
67 VegEats
The sexy, South Beach hotspot for
celeb sightings and sophisticated eats
71 VegEscape
48 hours in Toronto
74 VegVacation
Views & brews in Prague

80 VegHealth
82 VegFashion & Beauty
85 VegLove
88 VegMedia
92 VegPicks

96 The Woman Who Built Atlanta’s
$4 Million Vegan Burger Empire
We talk with the unstoppable Pinky
Cole of Slutty Vegan about secret
sauce, six-hour-long lines,
and multimillion dollar-success.
98 Uncanny Refreshment
Our go-to party drink of the
season may surprise you.

Keeping you informed on all-things veg
12 Publisher’s Note
Publisher Colleen Holland gives you
the inside scoop on VegNews
16 The New Fast Food
The plant-based revolution is going
full-force, and fast-food chains are
getting in the game with everything
from Impossible Burger Whoppers to
Beyond Meat avocado tacos.
18 Must-Know News
The latest in food, health,
environment, and animals

A closer look at today’s intriguing topics
23 What Makes Tig Notaro Tick
VegNews sits down with vegan
comedian Tig Notaro to dish about
cats, cancer, comedy, and more.
26 The 20 Reasons
We Love Summer
Rainbow-colored shaved ice, saucy
meatless barbecue, seriously stepped-
up s’mores, and all the vegan food
trucks. Get hungry, because we’re
counting down the 20 best, most
delicious reasons to love summer.
34 Wedding Belles
VegNews takes you behind the scenes
of the breathtaking weddings of
some of today’s brightest vegan stars.
From Kat Von D’s all-red gothic affair
to Jenné Claiborne’s sun-drenched
California soirée, vegan wedding
season begins now.
42 Brazil: The Next Great
Vegan Nation?
The South American country is
one of the most celebrated travel
destinations. But recent political
turmoil, a ballooning population, and
an obsession with meat threatens to
drive Brazil to disaster. Can its
rapidly-growing vegan movement
shift its course?

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