(C. Jardin) #1

Artist Speak

The Ideal Home and Garden July 2019 | 81


decade long stint as an
art director established
Sharmistha as a promising talent
in the advertising world. But all
this while, a constant urge to
photograph egged her on to take
up the camera and when she did
so, it was life transforming for her.
Sharmistha says, “My photographs
revolve around people and are a
constant reflection of my passion
and fascination for human nature
and the way they live their lives.”

Her most prominent work has been
Durga, a photo project on gender
bias and social discrimination
against widows in India. The work
has been exhibited at various
international photo festivals, and
has been published as a photo book.
She has photographed for C&A
Foundation, UN Women, GIZ, The
Hunger Project and CARE.

Sharmistha Dutta
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