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2 Scientific American, March 2021

4 From the Editor

6 Letters

10 Science Agenda
Joe Biden must take immediate action to limit
the existential danger posed by nuclear weapons.
By the Editors

11 Forum
The U.S. diplomatic corps would benefit from
having more scientists in its ranks.
By Nick Pyenson and Alex Dehgan

12 Advances
Eight-limbed option for the next model animal.
A candidate to return to the moon. Far-traveling photons
for communication. Prehistoric algae with an edge.

22 Meter
A poetic celebration of changing states of matter.
By Anna Leahy

23 The Science of Health
Trusted messengers, not simply science facts, will
overcome COVID vaccine hesitancy. By Claudia Wallis

72 Recommended
The military’s role in oceanography. Making physics
personal. How thermodynamics shaped modern
technology. Deadly pharmaceutical negligence.
By Andrea Gawrylewski

73 Observatory
When expert assessments go wrong, it may be because
the wrong experts were consulted. By Naomi Oreskes

74 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago
By Dan Schlenoff

76 Graphic Science
Daylight changes unequally all year long. By Mark

(^72) Fischetti, Jen Christiansen and Mapping Specialists

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