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Lots of companies promise
profits for their stakeholders,
but Vee Technologies doesn’t
stop there. Its track record of
boosting prosperity for clients
and employees has made the
company a global leader in
business-process outsourcing
With offices in New York
City and five delivery centers
in India, Vee Technologies
creates technological
solutions that enhance their
clients’ results, revamp
revenue models, and
reallocate outsourcing dollars
to areas where they can make
a positive difference.
“Our clients tell us Vee
Technologies is a safe
harbor in a tumultuous sea
of disruption,” says president
Patrick O’Malley. “We’re
able to pivot in the changing
environment and mitigate the
impact of rough waters. We
make it so that you survive
and prosper.”
In the health care sector,
the company specializes in
revenue cycle management.
Whether a client needs a
technology upgrade or a
business model overhaul, Vee
Technologies steps in as a
valued partner whose abilities
enable smart, strategic
Making clients more
prosperous can sometimes

involve updating strategy,
technology, and operational
workflow. In one case, a
leading pediatric hospital
came to Vee Technologies
seeking help to collect $33
million that was more than
180 days overdue. Analysis
showed that the hospital
hadn’t allocated enough
staffers to solve the problem,
had misinterpreted data, and
had left money on the table
by pursuing only high-dollar
Solution: Vee Technologies
developed tools to track
and organize the collection
methods used for each
account. It also recommended
new procedures and
implemented best practices
such as simply collecting all
co-pays at the time of service.
“Those aren’t the highest
dollar amounts, but they
can add up,” O’Malley says.
Deploying the new strategy,
Vee Technologies helped
the client slash its accounts-
receivable volume by nearly
70%, from $33 million to $10
But Vee Technologies isn’t
satisfied unless its employees
are growing more prosperous
as well. The company owns
Sona College of Technology
in rural Salem, India, where
more than 10,000
students receive

training in advanced fields
such as nanotechnology
and rocket engineering. Top
performers work closely with
Vee Technologies.
“We take these students
and actually give them
a career,” said Chocko
Valliappa, CEO of Vee
Technologies, in a YPO
podcast. “When they come
out, they’re not just trained
academically. They are
vocationally trained to be
custom thinkers for a client.”
Industry trends favor
Vee Technologies’

approach. Companies with
services to outsource are
flocking toward what’s known
as “impact sourcing,” where
outsourcing brings a positive
social benefit in areas where
it’s needed.
In this era of disruption,
Vee Technologies is ensuring
that progress doesn’t come
at the expense of prosperity
at any level. And where
disruption creates opportunity,
customers and employees
of Vee Technologies are
prepared to seize it.■

Vee Technologies is using BPO to create prosperity

for customers and employees alike.



“Our clients
tell us Vee
Technologies is a
safe harbor in a
tumultuous sea
of disruption.”
Vee Technologies

“We take these
(Sona College)
students and
actually give
them a career.”
Vee Technologies


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