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As business leaders increasingly recognize the value of digital
transformation, they’ve made remarkable changes to their
organizations—primarily at the headquarters level. However, highly
distributed enterprises still face unique challenges as they attempt
to roll out IT strategies to support large numbers of historically
underserved remote sites.

These challenges impact virtually every industry—from global fuel
retail brands to specialty retail chains, restaurants, grocery stores,
and hospitals with localized health clinics. While sophisticated
technology at the corporate level is managed by highly experienced
IT professionals, remote sites with little to no IT staff are often left to
cope with a patchwork of single-point applications and security devices.

Redefining SD-WAN for the Network Edge
Most SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) solutions today
are designed for large- to medium-size “carpeted” branch offices with
local IT staff. Although Gartner estimates that, by 2021, more than
65% of enterprises will choose SD-WAN for their WAN edge infrastructure
refreshes, these SD-WAN solutions don’t necessarily address the needs
of highly distributed enterprises.

These enterprises require a different approach to securely deploy the
growing number of applications, back-office systems, and IoT devices
at remote locations (which can range from dozens to tens of thousands
of sites). These diverse types of deployments might include a national
retailer that wants to adopt SD-WAN to improve visibility, security, and
compliance across its entire network of corporate and franchise stores.
Another use case might include “click-and-collect” kiosk-style lockers
that support multiple brands located at “store-in-store” sites.

“Cybera’s approach to SD-WAN deepens the revenue potential
we offer retailers and accelerates the deployment time for
our cloud-enabled retail ecosystem.”

  • Gary O’Connor, CTO, Doddle

Fortunately, many organizations are using Cybera to increase the pace
of innovation at the WAN edge. “New applications, services, and IoT
offerings create competitive differentiation,” says Andrew Lev, CEO of
Cybera. “Our secure, cloud-based SD-WAN edge platform enables our
customers to reduce costs, increase security, and quickly deploy new
applications and services.”

The company’s deep experience in SD-WAN technology helps it deliver
transformative solutions tailored for the network edge. “We’re an
extension of our customers,” adds Lev. “That’s so important at the
edge—you have to be both the eyes and ears on a 24/7 basis.”

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The business opportunities for retail, restaurant, and healthcare chains have created new demands
at the network edge, now best served by SD-WAN combined with cloud-based security services.