Lesson Nine: More Lives Than One

(bhcheah) #1

If a musical child is born to a father who is
musical, the West explains it by heredity. Bach
was born into a very musical family, but why
put this down merely to heredity when many
great musicians have had unmusical children? In
Buddhist lands, it would be explained that the
child had developed musical tendencies in
previous lives and was attracted to an
environment suitable for the expression of
those gifts.

Life does not die at the body's death nor do the
results of a deed. Forms come into being, serve
their purpose arid then diebutthe life within.
knows no such limitations. Just asa man puts
down his worn-out clothes and taking new ones,
saying, "These I will wear today", so is a being
born in different fo1ms and environment
according to the results of his deeds. Rebirth
will continue endlessly until a person learns the
secret of transcending life and death.

Experience Makes A Great General

George· Patton, the renownedWorld War II
general, could recall six instances of his past
lives in which he was a warrior:

  1. A prehistoric warrior who 'battled for
    fresh mammoth' and 'warred for pastures

  2. A Greekhoplite who fought the Persians of
    King Cyrus.

  3. A soldier ofAlexander the Great at thesiege
    of Tyre.

  4. A legionnaire with Julius Caesar innorthern

  5. An English knight at the battle of Crecy
    during the Hundred Year's War.

  6. A Napoleonic marshal at a time 'when one
    laughed at death and numbers (size of
    enemies' armies), trusting in the emperor's
    Farago Ladislas, Patton: Ordeal and Triumph
    (New York: Obolensky, 1964)

2.Ability To Recall Past Births

There are many recorded cases, and whose
authenticity have been verified, which strongly
suggest rebirth. Some of the ways these people
can recall their past births are through hypnosis,
memory and meditation.

Through hypnosis

In a state of hypnosis, a person can be brought
back in time to a particular point in childhood or
infancy and relive his experiences. There were
some experiments which had taken a person
further back in time and accidently landed him
into memories belonging to previous lives.

There were cases where some people under
hypnosis could speak a different language, give
accurate information pertaining to a different
time and place, and perform feats they were
unable to in their normal state.
One such person was Annie Baker, a Lancashire
housewife, who had never studied French or
been to France and whose education was very

Under hypnosis she spoke perfect French and
referred to the death of Marie Antoinette as if it
had just happened. She gave her name as
Marielle Pacasse and purported to have lived in
Rue de St. Pierre near the Notre Dame

When enquiries were made, it was found that
there is no such street now, but there had been
a street of that name in that vicinity one
hundred and seventy years ago.
Under hypnosis she said that she did not
understand what tea was. It was unknown in
France a hundred and seventy years ago. The
name Marielle is rare now but was common in

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