EUSA Year Magazine 2020-21

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The European University Sports Association continually pushes for equality,

respect and full inclusion of student athletes with disabilities in sport,

while simultaneously promoting the spirit of fair play at all our events.


All EUSA’s sporting events
are inclusive of all genders,
something the association is
extremely proud of, yet when
reflecting upon the statistics
of event participants from
the European Universities
Championships 2019,
male participants are still
outnumbering female
participants 59%-41%. Although
this ratio has improved over
the years, EUSA acknowledges
that more needs to be done as
we strive to continue on the
road towards a more balanced
participation of male and female
participants at future events.

Socio-Economic Status

One of the aims of EUSA is
to strengthen and support
its member federations, the
national university sport bodies
in Europe. EUSA links 46
national university sports bodies
across the continent, so the

organisation and conditions of
each of our members are very
diverse. Recognising that not
all EUSA members have the
same funding opportunities,
a development fund was
launched, aiming at developing
and strengthening university
sport throughout Europe. With
the support of the Club of
Donors, we were able to secure
a special development fund for
2019 and were able to assist
EUSA members, primarily those
with little or no participation in
EUSA events over the past four
years. Similar provisions will
be made for participants at the
European Universities Games
who require financial assistance.

Since the inclusion of athletes
with disabilities for the first time
at the European Universities
Games 2016, EUSA has
continued to search for ways
to be more inclusive in our

events. Following the inclusion
of Para Table Tennis at the last
European Universities Games in
2018, EUSA has together with
the local organisers included
Para Table Tennis again onto
the schedule for the next edition
of the European Universities
Games in Belgrade, Serbia, while
including Sitting Volleyball as
a demonstrative event as well.
EUSA recognises that European
university sport can still make
vast improvements regarding
the inclusion of all students
into sports, along with everyday
physical activity, and with
the support of the European
Paralympic Committee as our
partner, we believe we will make
continued progress in future.

Fair Play
With the European Fair
Play Movement (EFPM) as
our partner, EUSA strongly
promotes the spirit of fair play
at all our events. Its values

are deeply embedded in EUSA
and we have emphasised the
importance of sportsmanship
and a positive approach to
sport across our 20 years of
existence. EUSA has always
awarded exemplary behaviour
on the sport field and will
continue with the same practice
in the future, with the ultimate
goal of introducing a “Fair Play
Card” into various sports. The
fair play initiative was strongly
encouraged at all EUSA’s
sporting championships in 2019,
and apart from having positive
messages involving fair play
oaths read by athletes and
referees at all sports events,
EUSA also annually attributes
the Enno Harms Fair Play Award
to showcase the noble gestures
present in European university



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