EUSA Year Magazine 2020-21

(eusaunisport) #1


EUSA launched an exhibition on university sport in Europe in

  1. The project, supported by the International University Sport

Federation (FISU), enables an overview of the development of

university sport, with a special focus on European context.

After recently being updated,
the exhibition now includes
new information and photos,
and features seven stand-alone
panels in the form of towers,
grouping the contents according
to topics: University Sport in
Europe, European University
Sports Association, European
Universities Championships,
European Universities
Games, Education and Social
Responsibility, Honouring the
Best and Partnerships and
Future Programme.

Officially launched and opened
during the 2014 European
Universities Games in
Rotterdam, The Netherlands,
and hosted at the premises
of the Erasmus University
Rotterdam, the exhibition has
travelled extensively around
Europe during its seven years
of existence, visiting Austria,

Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Italy,
Lithuania, Poland, Portugal,
Slovenia and Switzerland. The
exhibition has also been on
display during various FISU
events including the Universiade
in Gwangju, Korea and the
General Assembly in Lausanne,

In 2019, the exhibition made
its way to Lodz, Poland, where
it was on display for the
duration of both the European
Universities Badminton and
Volleyball Championships
in the city, allowing all 510
participants from both
competitions to learn more
about EUSA’s history, legacy,
projects and impact in the field
of university sport.

Thereafter the exhibition was
set up at the University of Aveiro
at the occasion of the EUSA
Conference and Extraordinary

General Assembly 2019,
where the over 150 guests
and participants at the event
were able to browse over the
informative panels.

The exhibition’s final appearance
of the year was at the 2019
EUSA Dinner held in Ljubljana,
Slovenia, an occasion which
special appreciation awards
were handed to local institutions
and individuals who significantly
contributed to the development
and growth of EUSA.

The exhibition has been present
at each edition of the European
Universities Games, and the
next edition of the European
Universities Games will be no
exception, where it will remain
available for viewing for the full
duration of the event.

As a travelling exhibition,
the EUSA exhibition can also

be requested for display at
universities, university sports
events and at other sporting
occasions in Europe. Please
contact the EUSA Office if you
are interested in hosting the

for more information



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