The Path Of Life, The Journey Of Living

(solaojo) #1
History has it, that my parents had it rough at the very beginning
and it was evident when I was born. It became even clearer when I
started understanding things. They were both from a humble
background and both had a humble beginning. It was told that my
father got to Lagos at the age of twelve, apparently staying with
relatives (who were unknown to me and my siblings). When my
father was of age and ready for marriage, he went back home (to the
village) marned my mother and brought her to Lagos.

The story went further to say that, the marriage had a troubled
beginning full of challenges and as such, my parents had to be
introduced to a church (now called, The Apostolic Church),
through one of my father's friend (we grew up to know him as Baba
Idi-araba), at Idi-Araba area of Lagos. They stayed a while in this
area and continued to attend one of the assemblies of the church in
Idi-Araba. By implication, my parents' children were all born into
The Apostolic Church. To the glory of God Almighty, up till today,
all except one of the surviving children are still in The Apostolic

We are indeed enjoying the privileges of God Almighty, for He has
forever been our shield and buckler - He shall cover thee with his
feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust: his truth shall be thy
shield and buckler. Ps91:4.

We got to the hospital but could not find her there. We then went
back, took my car and headed to the place where I thought she
could be, since we had taken someone with a similar case there.

On getting there, they were also just arriving. They had initially
gone for the x-ray of the affected leg. I asked what happened and
she said that she fell into the gutter in front of her shop and fractured
her left leg. She said that our child who was fastened to her back
came out unhurt. According to her, an attempt to come out proved
abortive as the leg became heavy. She had thought that it was a
mere fall, but she had to be helped and that was it. She was
hospitalized for over one month and that also marked the end of the
shop. All glory to God, she can now walk. That incidence to us did
not seem ordinary as prior to that one, a loose car recklessly had hit
the frontage of the shop, but thanks to God, no one was hurt.

Chapter One

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