The Path Of Life, The Journey Of Living

(solaojo) #1

Evidently, my coming into this world according to history had not
been with whatever classifications of spoons, neither had it been in
anyway amusing. My parents had a female as their first child and it
was the circumstantial cause of giving birth to her that made them
become members of The Apostolic Church in the early fifties.

After the first female-child, they had another female, followed by a
set of twins – the twins did not survive, they died sometimes later,
one after the other. They were later blessed with another baby girl
named Idowu, whom I followed.

I grew to know her (Idowu), but she too later died. You will now see
reasons why my coming to the world and even surviving would
have given my parents cause for concern.

All focus with fears and caution was now on me, three children had
been lost to death in succession, the tension was compounded.
Being the first male child, my parents would never give anything to
chances as well as my two surviving big sisters, to ensure that I
survived at all cost. Two other girls followed me subsequently and
later another boy as my parents' last child and second son.

I was therefore born into the family of Mr. Michael Owolabi Ojo &
Mrs. Comfort Ajike Ojo (both of late memories), on the sixth day of
April, Nineteen sixty one, 6/4/1961 shortly after Nigeria gained
independence. My background is humble, best without so much as
a bronze spoon, as earlier mentioned. I was born in Shomolu
(Watch Tower) area of Lagos, Lagos State of Nigeria. My father at
the time worked for Nigeria Railways while my mother was a

I was not born in any hospital. History has it that my mother had
gone to visit a family friend in the vicinity, when she went into

When I left the job, I had some money with which we had wanted
to change our first car. We decided that my wife should get a shop
and equip it with assorted wares like children's wears, etc. We were
able to accomplish that while I went about looking for business,
before I eventually secured an appointment in a Bank.

About a month later, a terrible thing happened. That evening, I was
at work and suddenly became cold, no longer cheerful. Our
secretary, a lady who had been told to resign her appointment came
to me to help her draft the letter. But I simply told her to excuse me
that I was not in the right frame of mind to do such thing at that
moment. In fact, I closed unusually early that day and headed home
not knowing what was waiting for me, but I knew all was not well.
On my way home, the feeling of what could be awaiting me at
home increased my urge to get home on time.

On getting home, I saw my landlord driving out with my mother in
the car. My breathing increased because I was sure that something
definitely was amiss. Our landlord urged me to pack very well and
join them in his car. It was then that he told me that my wife
fractured her leg and that she had been taken to an orthopedic
hospital. He said that they were on their way over there when I got




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