The Path Of Life, The Journey Of Living

(solaojo) #1
labour and just as she was to pass excreta, I was born and taken
home to be cared for.


We were in Shomolu axis for a while after I was born. My growing
up was quite an experience and growing up with other children in
the locality was fun.

When I attained school age, I remember vividly that gaining
admission into the public school was not that easy, way back then.

The day I was to be enrolled, I can still recollect, my father had to
put me on his neck to find his way to the registration venue as
there were too many people. The green shirt he put on even got torn
in the process. I was afterward admitted to Lagos City Council
School (LCCS) at Onayade Street, Igbobi Yaba, where I went
through and finished my first school (Primary School), and sat for
first School Leaving Certificate. By this time, we had moved to
Morocco area of Shomolu in Lagos, quite a distance from my
school. We had to trek, myself and other children, to and fro
school, every school days, though it was fun.

Things were not that rosy for us in those days as it was in some
other privileged families. At that time owning a television set, was
a luxury not to even talk of acquiring a car or a comfortable
apartment such as a decent flat. We were at the time staying in a
single room apartment (though spacious).

My mother, being a trader, would make sure that my sisters and I
hawked when we return from school in the evening as well as on
weekends (especially Saturdays). I was known in places like
Abule Ijesha, Abule Oja, Iwaya etc for bread, while my sisters
world hawk provisions. Some mallams in that area were my

For my first week in the office, the person that I so much trusted,
who was my senior colleague and that ought to lead the way, did
change towards me. He hardly replied my greetings, hence, the
following Monday, exactly a week after, I asked him to know the
cause of the hostility. But to my utmost amazement, he could not
give me any concrete reason.

Though things seemed to be changing, I was still to be careful of my
actions and the way I relate with him. I got to understand eventually
that I should not have accepted the offer, but since the deed had
been done, I had to intensify my prayers. So many other ugly things
happened to me during my two years stay at the place.

The final incidence was like a kind of set-up, but God simply
delivered me from it – Many are the afflictions of the Righteous
......... Ps. 34:19.

I left the job when our last child was twelve days old, and I went into
partnership business that did not work out. Things remained like that
for almost one year before God provided me with another job.

Note: Very often, it always seem like following God’s instruction
is difficult. The Bible in Prov. 14:12 say “ There’s a way that
seems right to a man, but its end are the ways of death.” This is to
say that following God’s instruction is key and it saves us a lot of

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