The Path Of Life, The Journey Of Living

(solaojo) #1

query process as at the time my uncle was checking at the WAEC
office. All things work for good for those that love God.

  • Rom. 8:28 “And we know that all things work together for good
    to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his


A day to our valedictory service, I had a misunderstanding with my
friend (my would-be wife; who is my wife today), but because we
were destined to live together, one thing led to another and we
reconciled. It was there after that she told me that her father wanted
to see me; what for, she could not tell.

I remembered that when we were in school, she was sick and she
had to be taken home, I had to sneak out of school to see her and her
father saw me with her. I later knew that her father interrogated her
to know who I was. The father being a disciplinarian, made me so
afraid to go to see him.

After the valedictory service, I summoned up courage and went to
see him, but to my surprise, he invited me into his bedroom. He
asked me questions about my pursuit and my family; he
encouraged me on my chosen career. There and then, I was given a
sort of approval to continue the relationship and after a lot of
advice and admonitions with a lot of caution (also from the mother,
whom I had to go and see later), the journey began.

The way I was received in my wife's house was amazing as if I was one
of them or perhaps they have been waiting for me to come into that
family. I was encouraged by the way the entire family accepted me,
most especially the father (as a matter of fact he became my mentor).

It was in February 1994. My colleagues and I had previously
traveled to IITA in Ibadan on an official assignment from my office
and as at that time, we were going back on a follow-up and finish-
up on the job.

I was saying it that I would not go if I had my way and so,
deliberately, that fateful Monday, I delayed my going to the office.
My colleagues had actually rounded up the meeting and they were
just waiting for me when I showed up. They were not pleased with
me, but I told them I was not going. They asked me 'why?' and I
was giving them excuses like; I had no money to drop at home.
They asked me how much and they gave me N500. Not satisfied, I
was still giving them different sorts of excuses, but they were not

Eventually, I used part of the money to buy 35 liters of kerosene for
my wife, went to withdraw N1000 from my account and from
there, I went to my wife's office to inform her and also to drop the
money for her.

On getting home, I dropped the kerosene and also dropped my car.
After I had prayed, I went to meet my colleagues at the toll-gate.
They were angry again and I told them that they should have gone
and left me behind.

Chapter Nine

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