The Path Of Life, The Journey Of Living

(solaojo) #1

We had my wedding at home for quite a number of reasons (not for
this book). After the wedding and subsequently my sister's, my
mother was spiritually attacked, but after much prayer, she became
healed. However, she could not leave the village due to the promise
she made to her husband (my father), when he was about to die (in

Some years later, my wife and I were at home to attend a burial. We
met her not in good form and I asked her what the problem was. Of
course I knew her; she would not ordinarily want to bother anyone.
But this time, she was forced to voice out that she had never been
that sick though she had gone to the hospital and had been placed
on some medications.

We went for the occasion and on our way back, I branched at my
aunts' (my mother sisters) place to tell them that my mother would
travel back to Lagos with me. All the while, I never told my mother
that we were traveling because, if I did, the entire town would have
known that she was traveling.

When I got home, I told my mother to pack her belongings and by
twelve mid-night, I had started loading the car. Early the next
morning, at about 5 O'clock, I woke up everybody and we headed
straight for Lagos immediately. We did not even bother to take our

Chapter Ten


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