Tideline Magazine

(Tideline) #1

Editors’ Note

The 24 articles assembled in this magazine

represent our coverage of a year like no

other. Our challenges as writers and edi-

tors were minor compared to what

others experienced during the pandemic,

but they were real.

Writers couldn’t gather to brainstorm. Ed-

itors couldn’t convene to hash out finer

points. Class time was cut nearly in half.

We Zoomed and texted and Google Doc-ed

our way through it all without ever see-

ing our advisor in the flesh. We did what

everyone had to do everywhere; student

journalism echoed life.

Through the challenges, we learned to be

resourceful, grateful and most important-

ly, we learned just how much we need and

appreciate our peers, teachers and friends.

We wish everyone a healthy, safe, joyful

summer, and a better, less socially distant

school year in 2021-22.

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