Shepherding a Child's Heart

(Barré) #1

Table of Contents

Preface to  the Second  Edition
Preface to First Edition
Part 1: Foundations for Biblical Childrearing
1: Getting to the Heart of Behavior
2: Your Child’s Development: Shaping Influences
3: Your Child’s Development: Godward Orientation
4: You’re in Charge
5: Examining Your Goals
6: Reworking Your Goals
7: Discarding Unbiblical Methods
8: Embracing Biblical Methods: Communication
9: Embracing Biblical Methods: Types of Communication
10: Embracing Biblical Methods: A Life of Communication
11: Embracing Biblical Methods: The Rod
12: Embracing Biblical Methods: Appeal to the Conscience
13: Shepherding the Heart Summarized
Part 2: Shepherding Through the Stages of Childhood
14: Infancy to Childhood: Training Objectives
15: Infancy to Childhood: Training Procedures
16: Childhood: Training Objectives
17: Childhood: Training Procedures
18: Teenagers: Training Objectives
19:Teenagers:Training Procedures
Shepherding Helps
Scripture Index
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