(Jacob Rumans) #1

All the functions thatare necessary to keep aplantalive areperformed
individually in each cell and coordinatelyby all the cells working together.
As you know, every cell is made up of livingmatterthatwe callprotoplasm.
Thedarkspotthatyou see in the middle of each cell is known as the nucleus.
Withoutthis nucleus the cellcannotfunction. The nucleus helps the cell to
grow and is especiallyimportantinproducingnew cells of the same kind so
thatthe same kindofplantcan grow.

Materials: Besides a medicinedropperor pipette (anarrow glass tube
operatedby suction), and a glass of tap water, you will need an aquarium
plantcalled"elodea." This is a leafyaquaticplantwhich you can buy at any
pet supply store.
Follow thisprocedure:Puttwo drops of water in the middle of a clean glass
slide. Tearoff one green leaf from the stem of a healthy elodeaplantand
carefully place it in the water on the slide. (Make surethatthe leaf is not
folded.) Cover with a cover slip. To keep bubbles from forming in the water,
place the cover slip gently at one end, as you did inpreparing empty cork
cells as a specimen.

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