(Jacob Rumans) #1

andreplantthemselves-byflying totheirnewhomeson"wings,"bysticking
to the coats ofanimalsand incountlessotheruniqueway". You will find
outwhy the differentpartsofplants(roots,stems and leaves) grow as they do
andwhatparteach plays in the lifeofa plant. Youwill even beintroduced
to astrange, insect-eatingplantcalled a Venus flytrap,
Inthese pages, too, you will find outhow you can growplants under
unusualconditions. Surprisingas it seems, acommonbathsponge willsupport
pantlife, as will an ordinarydrinkingglass or aplasticbag.

Equipment you will need
Tocarryoutyourinvestigationof the worldofplantsyou will need very
littlethatcannotbe found aroundyourhouse. Besidesyourmicroscope,an
inexpensivemagnifyingglass orhandlens will bevaluable,as will several test
tubesanda holderin which to keep them. Aterrarium,a fishtankfilled with
earthandused for raisingplants,will be useful for someofthe studiesdescribed
in this section.
As the world ofplantsopens upunderyourcarefulandcuriousinvestiga-
tion, you will be more and moreintriguedat thevarietyofformsplantstake
andat thevarietyof ways in which they take careofthemselves.

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