Microsoft Word - Woodshop 101 Part 1 of 3

(vip2019) #1

into boards in different ways and each will cause the wood grain to look
different, sometimes dramatically different. Figure 3a and 3b shows
looking down onto a log cut two different ways and the affects it has on
wood grain.

Fig. 3a Fig. 3b

Lines represent
saw kerfs

The log in figure 3a is sawn straight across or plain sawn. You can see
that the grain pattern in this board is almost wavy looking. These are
actually the growth rings you’re looking at. Figure 3b show the same log
sawn first into quarters and then the individual sections sawn up into
boards. The grain pattern, or growth rings, from quartersawn boards are
usually straight. As you can see you can get completely different looks
from a board coming from the same tree merely by how it’s sawn up.


Woodgrain of same tree cut two different ways

Plain sawn board Quarter sawn board
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