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How to Use This Book.........

A Message to Parents

Woodshop 101 for Kids is set up to use at your own pace. There are 21
lessons to take your kids through. These can be done once per week,
which will take you through a semester, or if you find that your kids
can’t wait a whole week to get to the next project, like mine, do a lesson
as often as you like.

One of the great things about teaching this class is that it doesn’t matter
which parent teaches it Mom, Dad or both. It can give a parent that
works out of the home the opportunity to get more involved with the
education of their children. They can teach the lesson plans at night or on
the weekends to build fun and interesting projects with their kids and
build something even more important: A lifetime of memories.

However your family decides to teach this book there are some things to
know. The first lessons of the book are all about the fundamentals of
woodworking and hand tool use and will need to be covered before any
projects can be built. It is important that children are able to use the tools
properly for their own safety and to avoid frustration down the road.
Each lesson is built upon things learned in the previous lessons. Don’t
skip this part!

This book is geared towards children 7 and up, but age can sometimes
have little to do it. Some 5 and 6 year olds may grasp the lessons very
quickly and some 7 year olds may not have the patience yet. You as the
parent must be the judge of that. However young or old your child is
though they still must be supervised through out the teaching of this
book any time tools are to be used. I encourage you as the parent to read
the lessons with your kids so that you both have a clear understanding of
what’s expected in each lesson. If you are there to quickly get them back

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