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12 RUNNER’S WORLD JULY 2018``````PHOTOGRAPHS BY GALLO IMAGES/GETTY IMAGES``````(TREADMILL); ROBERT WARD``````(RUNNING FEET); SUPPLIED``````(ZANELE); RYAN SNOOK``````(ILLUSTRATION)### EDITOR’S LETTERUPFRONTLove or hate it, treadmill running is a superb winter workout. Slapin some earbuds, focus your eyes to the front, and play with the speedbutton for maximum enjoyment. Some are better than others at runningon treadmills; I am the others. To me, twenty minutes on the treadmillfeels like hours on the road. Maybe it’s the constant movement – theinability to cruise, or take a mini-break. But it’s sweaty and exhilarating,all at the same time. It’s like a sweatbox for runners.``````Being connected sometimes means you need to be disconnected.Disconnected from devices and heart-rate monitors and Strava andmeasurement... and all the things that sometimes clutter the simpleact of running. In the ‘The Sensory Run’ (p22) we get down to basics: thesights, sounds, touch and even the smells of running. It’s about beingin touch with your environment , and living in the moment of everyfootfall. We live in a world full of distractions, and those distractionshave become endemic in our running. So: just once a week this month,switch of to switch on.``````Zanele Hlatshwayo is one inspiring person (‘For Dad And Depression’,p33). At the time of writing Zanele had just finished the ComradesMarathon, and was heading towards her final goal of completing theWashie 100-Miler (160km) on 27 July. Zanele has used running tohelp her overcome the loss of her father, who committed suicide; andto raise awareness around the problem of depression in South Africa.Her achievements in running have been cathartic, and she has usedthem to fight the demons of the past while touching the lives of others.Zanele’s interview with Lisa Abdellah is sometimes diicult to read, butit’s honest and inspiring. Thank you for opening up, Zanele.``````The evidence is in: morning runs are better than afternoon runs (‘OwnYour Morning’, p46). Getting up to run early means you can never runout of time to run later. There are health benefits, such as weight lossand better sleep, and numerous psychological and mental benefits thatwill make you a better person at home and work. There’s no betterfeeling than when you’re watching the warm glow of the morning sunappear around you as your body starts to warm up itself. Somehow theair is cleaner and cooler and easier to breathe. And then, when you getto work and others are rubbing the sleep out of their eyes, your mind isalert and ready. It’s not magic... it’s just running.``````MIKE FINCHEDITOR-IN-CHIEF@MikeFinchSA

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