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RAVE RUNPLANNING A RUN-CATION?FOR MORE INSPIRINGPLACES TO RUN, VISITRUNNERSWORLD.CO.ZA/TRAVEL.### THE EXPERIENCEThe beauty of theseimages is that this ismy backyard, with mywife enjoying one of ourfavourite trails. ElsiesPeak is a prominentoutcrop between FishHoek and Simonstown,towering above thepicturesque coastline ofFalse Bay, and can easilybe accessed from eitherof the two valleys.Trailheads are easyto ind on the outerperimeters of thesuburbs, with well-maintained and ever-so-steep singletrackzigzagging up to thesummit. The overallascent is around 300mon the regular 6kmcircuit, but a range ofroute options allow youto maximise your fynbostrail time to at least twohours, especially if youinclude the beach andridgeline route past thebeacon to the west.More info on routesin the Cape Peninsulaarea can be found TIME TO RUNThese images showcasejust how gorgeous theBeautiful South can be ona perfect winter’s day. Inbetween the tempestuouscold fronts, most daysare wind-still and balmy,and the sunsets are to diefor... there certainly isno better time to run theCape Peninsula ranges!GETTING THEREFollow the M3 from CapeTown to Muizenberg,then continue southtowards Cape Point onthe coastal road.Fish Hoek andSimonstown are two keyaccess points onto themountain trails; drivingtime from the city is lessthan an hour.

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