(Jacob Rumans) #1

JULY 2018 RUNNER’S WORLD 81``````Bounce backDespite the ISO’s weight, Sauconyhas struck a balance betweencushioning and responsiveness.The midsole is now more contoured,which means your foot sits furtherdown into the shoe. Combined withthe updates to the cushioning in themidsole, this makes the ISO feelnoticeably smoother when you’rerunning at a faster pace. Testersnoticed improved contact betweenthe foot, the shoe and the road.``````Long haulThe ISO’s cushioning comes inthe form of two layers: Saucony’sthin EVERUN topsole is laid on topof shock-absorbing PWRFOAMtechnology in the midsole. The newversion has a slightly bigger drop,of 8mm – and at 241 grams, it’s a bitheavier than other neutral runningshoes on the market. But it needsto be supportive and firm to handlehigh mileage. Road runners will findthe ISO a solid all-rounder.Wiggle roomWhile the upper in the Ride 10 wasstiff and thick, this new versionfeatures an engineered-meshupper, which is made of lighter,more breathable material. Thetongue is less padded, and it’sattached to a bootie constructionthat extends further back than it didin the previous version. In addition,the toe box is roomier. Testers withbroad feet who found the Ride 10snug enjoyed the more relaxed fit;but some with narrower feet foundit too soft and flexible.

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