101 Activities For Teaching Creativity And Problem Solving

(Joyce) #1

Activity Selection Guide 33

Chapter 6: Combinations (continued)

  1. Mad
    Scientist X X X 23,24,25 PSI 45 R,UR M M L M H

  2. Noun
    Action X X X 22,24 Any 20 R M LLLL

  3. Noun
    Hounds X X X 31 Any 30 UR M H M M H

  4. Parts Is
    Parts X X X 24,25,27 NPS, PSI 60 R M M H M L

  5. Parts Purge X X X 29 PSI 45 R,UR MMMMM

  6. Preppy
    Thoughts X X X 22,24 PSI 30 R,UR M H L M M

  7. SAMM
    I Am X X X 25 PSI 60 R M M H H L

  8. 666 X X X 22,23,25,27,34 PSI 45 R M M L H H

  9. Word
    Diamond X X X X 22,23,24,25, Any 20 R M LLLL

Chapter 7: Free Association

  1. Brain
    Mapping X X X 41,43,46 S, PSI, A/M, HR30 R M LLLL

  2. Doodles X X X 17,18,26,59,62 S. A/M, HR 45 UR MHMHH

  3. Essence of
    the Problem X X X X 9,11,70 S, PSI, A/M, HR30 UR M H M M M

  4. Exaggerate
    That X X X X 50,51,52 S, PSI, A/M, HR30 R MMMMM

  5. Fairy Tale
    Time X X X 15,47,80 A/M, HR 60 UR M H M M H

  6. Idea Links X X X 29,46 PSI 20 UR M M L L M

  7. Imaginary
    Mentor X X X 10,48,80 A/M, HR 45 R,UR M H M L M

  8. Lotus
    Blossom X X X 36,37 S, NPS, PSI 30 R M M M L L

  9. Say CheeseX X X 42 A/M 30 UR M M L M H

  10. Sense-
    making X X X 44 Any 30 UR M M M L M

  11. SkybridgingX X X 36,41 S 20 R M LLLL

  12. Tabloid
    Tales X X X 15,40 A/M, HR 30 UR M H H M H

  13. We Have
    Met the
    Problem... X X X 10,42,49 S 30 R M H M M H

  14. What if... ?X X X 5,42,48 S, NPS, A/M 30 UR M H M M H

Chapter 8: Grab Bag
Backward Activities

  1. Law
    Breaker X X X 39,51,52 Any 30 R M H M M M

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