The Detox Miracle Sourcebook: Raw Foods and Herbs for Complete Cellular Regeneration

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Additional praise for

The Detox

Dr. Morse is one of the greatest healers of our time.

  • Dr. Bernard Jensen, world-renowned healer, author, and natural health

Robert Morse, N.D., may have helped more people with serious ailments,
particularly cancer, than anyone I know. If I had a serious illness, I would use
Dr. Morse.

—I.Gerald Olarsch, N.D.

Dr. Robert Morse and my husband Bernard Jensen were close friends and I
think they are the world’s greatest healers! They have spent their entire lives
bringing truth to a toxic planet. This book truly is a reference guide and
dictionary for true health and vitality.

—Marie Jensen

Congratulations, Dr. Morse, in bringing awareness to today’s public of the
most important aspect of true health that there is on this planet:

—Darren D. Dowler, singer, “The Lettermen.”

Thank you for taking a subject that is in dire need of recognition and
bringing it to the general public in a way that anyone can understand.
Congratulations, a superlative job!

—Donovan Tea, singer, “The Lettermen.”

Thanks for introducing us all to your new and exciting science of
detoxification. We are with you 100 percent.

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