The Detox Miracle Sourcebook: Raw Foods and Herbs for Complete Cellular Regeneration

(Barré) #1

sneezing, coughing, sweating, aching, fevers, and diarrhea are experienced.
These symptoms are elimination processes used by the body to purge itself of
mucus, parasites, toxins, and the like.

If we do not eliminate our wastes, we build congestion interstitially
(around cells) and intracellularly (inside cells), causing further cellular decay
and death. Good elimination means moving our bowels three times a day,
urinating adequately, sweating, and breathing properly. All of us fail in this
category to some extent or another. By correcting digestion, absorption,
utilization, and elimination we can regain our energy, build vitality and
vibrancy, and live a disease-free life.


The Body’s Systems

Structures and Functions

Your physical body is comprised of many systems, which in a combined
effort keep it alive and well. These systems make up the organs, glands,
blood supply, lymph tissue, muscles, bones, etc. Each system has its own
unique job to do to support the whole. As previously stated, these systems
depend upon each other for the running, maintenance and repair of the body
as a whole entity.

The infrastructure of the human body is like a society: The glandular
system is the government. The nervous (electrical) system is the information
highway, without which communication throughout the cities (cells, organs
and glands) is crippled. The police department consists of small immune cells
called lymphocytes (white blood cells), neutrophils, basophils, and
macrophages. For added protection we have the military, which are the NK
(natural killer) cells the large T and B cells. Of course there are factories, like
the liver, bone marrow, glands and some organs. And trash pick-up and
waste disposal are done by the lymphatic system, colon, kidneys, lungs and
skin. However, without general laborers a society would have all chiefs and
nothing would get done. The majority of the cells in the body act as laborers.

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