Dictionary of Flowers And Plants For Gardening

(Barré) #1

in winter, and re-pot as the plants increase in size. Be careful not
to let the sun shine on them at any time, as this would cause the
leaves to lose their fresh colour.

Aralia Sieboldi (Fig Palm).--This shrub is an evergreen, and is
generally given stove culture, though it proves quite hardy in the
open, where its large deep-green leaves acquire a beauty surpassing
those grown indoors. Slips of half-ripened wood taken at a joint in
July may be struck in heat and for the first year grown on in the
greenhouse. The young plants should be hardened off and planted out
in May in a sunny situation. It should be grown in well-drained sandy
loam. Is increased also by off-sets, and blooms (if at all) in July.
Height, 3 ft.

Aralia Sinensis. See "Dimorphantus."

Araucaria Imbricata (The Monkey Puzzle, or Chilian Pine).--This
strikingly handsome conifer is very suitable for a forecourt or for
a single specimen on grass. Young plants are sometimes grown in the
conservatory and in the borders of shrubberies, as well as in the
centres of beds. It requires a good stiff sandy loam, which must be
well drained, and plenty of room for root action should be allowed.
Young plants are obtained from seed sown in good mellow soil. Water
sparingly, especially during the winter.

Arbor Vitae. See "Thuya."

Arbutus (Strawberry Tree).--Elegant evergreen shrubs with dark
foliage of great beauty during October and November, when they produce
an abundance of pearly-white flowers, and the fruit of the previous
year is ripe. A. Unedo is particularly charming. They flourish in the
open in sandy loam. The dwarfs are increased by layers, the rest by
seeds or by budding on each other.

Arctostaphylos.--These evergreen shrubs need the same treatment as
Arbutos. A. Uva-ursi, or Creeping Arbutos, is a pretty prostrate
evergreen, which flowers in May, and is only 3 in. high.

Arctotis.--A showy and interesting half-hardy annual. Raise the seed
in a frame in March, and transplant in May. It succeeds best in a
mixture of loam and peat. It flowers in June. Height, 1 ft.

Arctotis Grandis.--A very handsome, half-hardy annual producing large
daisy-like flowers on long wiry stems, the upper part being white and
the base yellow and lilac, while the reverse of the petals are of
a light lilac. The seed should be sown early in spring on a slight
hot-bed, and the plants potted off, when sufficiently strong, using a
rich, light mould. They may be transferred to the border as soon as
all fear of frost is over. Height, 2-1/2 ft.

Ardisia Japonica.--An evergreen shrub which delights in a mixture of
loam and peat. Cuttings will strike if planted in sand under glass
with a little bottom heat. It flowers in July. Height, 6 ft.

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