Dictionary of Flowers And Plants For Gardening

(Barré) #1

Actaea Spicata (Bane Berry).--A hardy herbaceous perennial which
delights in a shady position, and will even grow under trees. It is
increased by division of the roots, or it may readily be raised from
seed in ordinary soil. May is its flowering month. Height, 3 ft.

Actinella Grandiflora.--A showy herbaceous plant, bearing large
orange-coloured flowers in July. It is not particular as to soil, and
is increased by dividing the roots. Height, 1 ft.

Actinomeris Squarrosa.--This hardy and ornamental herbaceous plant
bears heads of bright yellow flowers, resembling small sunflowers,
from June to August. It thrives in any loamy soil, and is easily
increased by dividing the root. Height, 4 ft.

Adam's Needle.--See "Yucca."

Adenandra Fragrans.--An evergreen shrub suitable for the greenhouse.
It thrives best in a mixture of sandy peat and turfy loam. Cuttings
of the young branches stuck in sand will strike. It flowers in June.
Height, 3 ft.

Adenophora Lilifolia.--Pretty hardy perennials suitable for the
border. Produce drooping pale blue flowers on branching spikes in
July. Any soil suits them. They may be grown from seed, but will not
allow being divided at the root. Height, 1 ft.

Adlumia Cirrhosa.--Interesting hardy climbers. Will grow in any soil,
and are readily increased by seeds sown in a damp situation. Require
the support of stakes. Bloom in August. Height, 15 ft.

Adonis Flos.--Showy crimson summer flowers, requiring only the
simplest treatment of hardy annuals. Sow in March or April in the open
border. Height, 1 ft.

Adonis Pyrenaica.--A rare but charming Pyrenean perennial species,
with thick ornamental foliage, and producing large golden-yellow
flowers from May to July. It needs no special treatment. Height, 1-1/

Adonis Vernalis.--A favourite hardy perennial, which grows freely from
seed in any garden soil. It may also be increased by dividing the
roots. Height, 1 ft.

AEthionema Cordifolium.--This little Alpine plant is a hardy evergreen
that is very suitable for rock-work, as it will grow in any soil. Its
rose-hued flowers are produced in June. It may be propagated by seeds
or cuttings. Height, 3 in.

Agapanthus (African Lily).--This is a noble plant, which succeeds
well in the open if placed in a rich, deep, moist loam in a sunny
situation or in partial shade. In pots it requires a strong loamy soil
with plenty of manure. Throughout the summer the pots should stand
in pans of water. Re-pot in March. Give it plenty of pot room, say a

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