Dictionary of Flowers And Plants For Gardening

(Barré) #1

SORREL, Broad-Leaved.--Hardy perennial. Imparts an acid flavour to
salads and soups.

THYME, Broad-Leaved.--Hardy perennial. Young leaves and tops used
for stuffing, also in soups and sauces.

TARRAGON.--Hardy perennial. For flavouring vinegar; also used in
salads, soups, and pickles.

WORMWOOD.--A hardy shrub. Beneficial to horses and poultry, and is
used for medical purposes.

Herniaria Glabra.--These dwarf carpeting plants are of easy culture.
Grow from seed in spring and transplant into sandy soil. Height, 1-1/2

Hesperis.--See "Rocket."

Heuchera.--Very neat, but not showy, hardy American perennials. They
may be grown in any ordinary light garden soil, are increased by
dividing the root, and bloom in May. Height, 1 ft. to 2 ft.

Hibbertia Dentata.--An evergreen twining plant, requiring a greenhouse
for its cultivation and a soil of sandy loam and peat. It flowers in
July, and is increased by cuttings taken in spring or summer and kept
under glass. Height, 6 ft.

Hibiscus Africanus.--A handsome hardy annual Mallow. Sow in March
in slight heat, and plant out in May 10 in. apart. Grows best in a
mixture of loam and peat. Blooms in June. Height, 2 ft.

Hibiscus Syriacus (Rose of Sharon).--A hardy, deciduous,
autumn-flowering shrub, which will grow in common soil, and may be
propagated by seeds, layers, or cuttings planted under glass. Height,
6 ft.

Hieracium (Hawkweed).--A free-growing hardy perennial, suitable for
a sunny bank or border. It is not particular as to soil. From June to
September it produces orange-brown flowers. It grows freely from seed,
and the roots bear division. Height, 1-1/2 ft.

Hippeastrums.--See "Amaryllis."

Hippocrepis.--Very pretty hardy trailing perennials, covered from May
to July with golden Pea-shaped flowers. They will grow in any light,
sandy soil, and may be increased by cuttings, which root readily under
glass. Height, 3 in. to 6 in.

Hippophae.--Ornamental shrubs, thriving in ordinary soil, and
increased by layers or cuttings of the roots. H. Rhamnoides (Sea
Buckthorn) flowers in May. Height, 12 ft.

Holboellia Latifolia.--See "Stauntonia Latifolia."

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