Dictionary of Flowers And Plants For Gardening

(Barré) #1

preferable. Increased by off-sets from the bulb, or by seed as soon as
it is ripe. The spring snowflake blooms in March, the summer variety
in June. The latter is a much more vigorous plant than the former.
Height, 12 in. to 18 in.

Leucophyton Browni.--A popular white-foliaged bedding plant, which may
be increased by dibbling cuttings in sandy soil and placing them in a
cool frame.

Lewisia Rediviva.--This makes a pretty rock-plant. It is a perennial
and quite hardy, but requires plenty of sun. During April and May it
produces large flowers varying in colour from satiny rose to white.
The most suitable soil is a light loam mixed with brick rubbish. It
is increased by division of the root, or it may be raised from seed.
Height, 3 in.

Leycesteria Formosa.--Ornamental plants, the flowers resembling Hops
of a purple colour. They will grow in any soil, but need protection in
winter. They are multiplied by cuttings. Height, 3 ft.

Liatris Pycnostachya.--A curious old herbaceous perennial, now seldom
met with, sending up late in summer a dense cylindrical purple spike
2 ft. high. It needs a rich, light, sandy soil, and to be protected
during the winter with a thick covering of litter. The roots may be
divided in the spring. Height, 3 ft.

Libertia Formosa.--The narrow foliage and spikes of pure white
flowers, produced in May and June, render this hardy perennial very
ornamental. The soil should consist of equal parts of loam and peat.
It is propagated by dividing the roots. Height, 1 ft.

Libonia Floribunda.--This is a winter-flowering plant, and is easily
grown in a cool greenhouse. It is very useful for table decoration,
its slender red and yellow tubes of bloom being very effective, but it
does not do to keep it for any length of time in a room where there
is gas. When flowering has ceased, encourage new growth by giving it
plenty of water, air, and sunlight. The new shoots should be cut back
in May, and the tips of them used as cuttings, which strike readily in
good mould. Height, 2 ft.

Ligustrum (Privet).--L. Ovalifolium is a handsome hardy evergreen,
of very rapid growth, and one of the best ornamental hedge plants in
cultivation, especially for towns or smoky situations. L. Japonicum is
likewise ornamental and hardy: Tricolor is considered one of the
best light-coloured variegated plants grown. L. Coriaceum is a
slow-growing, compact bush with very dark, shining green leaves,
which are round, thick, and leathery. Privet will grow in any soil or
situation, and is readily increased by cuttings planted in the shade
in spring.

Lilac--See "Syringa."

Lilium.--The Lily is admirably adapted for pot culture, the

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