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FOOD FIGHTWhen willthey learn thatthey both have arole to play?``````JULY 2018 RUNNERSWORLD.CO.UK 011WORDS: RICK PEARSON. ILLUSTRATION: BROSMIND 1.STANFORD UNIVERSITYSCHOOL OF MEDICINE, USWARM-UPSThe TIPS YOU NEED to GET UP to SPEED``````NEW EVIDENCE might dismay those whohave chosen sides in the low-fat/high-carb versus low-carb/high-fat debate.Cutting either carbs or fat shaves ofexcess weight in about the sameproportion, says a new study.^1 ‘We’ve allheard of a friend who went on one diet- and it went great – and then anotherfriend tried the same diet and it didn’twork at all,’ says Dr Chris Gardner, wholed the study. ‘It’s because we’re alldiferent and we’re just starting tounderstand the reasons for this diversity.’So there’s no magic bullet when it comesto nutrition: the best kind of diet is the onethat works for you – be that low-fat, low-carb or somewhere between the two.AND THEWINNER IS...Low-fat or low-carb?It’s both...and neither## NUTRITION MIND+ INJURY## HEALTH## FITNESS

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