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8.The number ofgrams of saltconsumed per dayby the average UKadult – 2.1g morethan the RDA.^4Apple Cider Vinegar –or ACV, for those in theknow – has graduatedfrom forgotten back-of-the-cupboard oddity tohealth-food fave. It canassist the absorptionof nutrients and helpmaintain gut health.However, it is very acidic,so dilute to taste, or addto your salads and sauces.``````BUZZWORDSApple Cider VinegarWHO’S FORBLOOD CUSTARD?Runners are willing to tryall kinds of things to runfurther. Research fromBrooks shows runnerswould be willing to downpickle juice (35 per cent),swallow baking soda(29 per cent), munch oncaterpillar fungus (24 percent), eat blood custard(13 per cent, and it’sexactly what you thinkit is) and drink deer-peniswine (10 per cent, andditto) to get extra energyto run further.``````A 2016 SURVEY found that 96 per cent of Brits are unaware of the maximum amount of sugarthey should be consuming per day^1 (it’s 30g, in case you’re wondering). More recently, PublicHealth England has advised parents to crack down on the sugary snacks they give their children.^2So how can you cut your sugar cravings? By introducing these spices into your diet:SPICE UP YOUR LIFEThree spices to ease your sugar cravings1. LiquoriceLiquorice could help todampen your sugar cravingsby providing natural sweetnesswithout the sugar. (This isn’tyour cue to buy a packet ofLiquorice Allsorts.) When acraving strikes, try sipping acup of liquorice tea instead- without any sugar, ofcourse. Pick up a packetof Licorice Yogi Tea (£2.35, 2. CinnamonThis spice helps your bodycontrol the amount of sugarin our blood, evening out thehighs and lows that lead tocravings. One study^3 foundthose who took 3g of cinnamona day maintained lower bloodsugar levels after a glucose-tolerance test than those whodid not take the cinnamon. Getyour hit from Lean Matcha Tea(£2.79, Tu rm e ri cStudies have shown thatcurcumin (one of turmeric’sactive constituents) can helppeople with diabetes to controltheir blood sugar. It also hasanti-inlammatory propertiesAdd it to eggs, smoothies orsoups for your sugar-curbinghit. You can buy turmeric raw,but it’s far easier to pick up thepowder – you can get it fromsupermarkets for around £1.``````JULY 2018 RUNNERSWORLD.CO.UK 015WORDS: RICK PEARSON. PHOTOGRAPH: LUCKY IF SHARP 1.FYSIQALNUTRITION 2.PUBLIC HEALTH ENGLAND3.CURRENT OPINION IN CLINICAL NUTRITION AND METABOLIC CARE 4. ACTION ON SALTWARM-UPS NUTRITIONALL SORTSOF BENEFITS:Liquorice hasused to treatgastrointestinaland respiratoryissues

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