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004 RUNNERSWORLD.CO.UK JULY 2018IN THIS ISSUEJULY2018## REGULARS WARM-UPS HUMAN RACE FEATURES COACH GEAR RACEON THECOVERP32 Leaner 45 foolproof fat-losstips to help you shed thepounds and keep them of``````P38 Faster Boost your speed atany age: with just a few trainingtweaks, you can watch yourrace times tumble``````P44 Healthier How running canadd years to your life, stavingof disease and decline``````P50 Stronger 12 steps to bullet-proof your body``````P56 To u g h e r Develop a champion’smindset. Follow the example ofthe amazing Deena Kastor``````P66 Kill That Hill Time to take yourrunning up a few notches``````P79 35 Best Beauty Buys ForRunners Treat yourself``````P92 23 Must-Do Summer RacesFrom fun runs to ultras,we’ve got the lot``````REGULARS``````P6 Rave Run Watergate Bay,Cornwall``````P98 I’m A Runner BBC broadcasterSophie Raworth``````THE TRANSFORMATION ISSUELEANER, FASTER,HEALTHIER,STRONGERAND TOUGHERWe have the science, thetips, the workouts and theinspirational runners who willget you where you need to bePhotographerEmiliano GranadoModel AlexandraMack of WilhelminaHair and makeupSuzanne Katz forWilhelmina StylingSusan BrickellManicure RachelShim using DiorVernis PHOTOGRAPHS: LARSEN & TALBERT(THIS PAGE), GETTY (CHILLI)

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