+iPad iPhone Life - USA (2019-Fall)

(Antfer) #1

Around the Office

Raphael Burnes, CTO
Fiddle Leaf Fig
I’ve been loving my ever-growing collection of houseplants. I caught
the bug and have completely fi lled the south-facing windows of my
house with them. I especially love my Fiddle Leaf Fig for its huge,
striking leaves and my Calathea Medallion, which has beautiful,
intricate foliage.

Tamlin Day, Ad
Specialist and
Web Writer
The Sims 4 ($39.99)
As a graphic designer, I can’t get
enough when it comes to making
digital art, but sometimes I want to
create something just for fun. The
Sims 4 has a build mode that lets me create 3D models of beau-
tiful homes and businesses; it’s my favorite way to unwind after
a busy day at the offi ce.



David Averbach,
Publisher and
Pony the Great
Dane Puppy
My fi ancé and I
recently adopted a
puppy from a Great
Dane rescue in Texas. We named her Epona
(we call her Pony)! She was 12 weeks old at
the time of this writing and enjoys napping,
cuddling, and chewing.
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