+iPad iPhone Life - USA (2019-Fall)

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Donna Cleveland,
Editor in Chief
Hu Kitchen Hazelnut
Butter Chocolate ($25/
four pack)
I’ve been trying to quit
sugar for years, but a
life without chocolate
would be a sad existence for me. This paleo-
approved brand, free of refi ned sugar and dairy,
has been a game changer! Warning: you may eat
a whole bar in one sitting.

Rheanne Taylor,
Video Producer
Nomad Rugged AirPods
Case ($29.95)
I’ve used Nomad’s Rugged
Case for my AirPods for
months now and still love
it! My case has a beautiful
patina after being jostled
around for so long in my purse, and I appreciate how
it has protected my AirPods from dirt and scratches.

Sarah Kingsbury,
Senior Web Editor
Procreate ($9.99)
I recently decided
to move beyond the
basics with my iPad
and Apple Pencil, so I
downloaded Procreate
and signed up for a
Udemy course to teach me how to use the art
app. The creative possibilities are endless; I’m
having so much fun!

Noah Siemsen,
John Deere
Z345R ZTrak
Mower ($2,899)
It’s hard to beat
the feeling of riding
my new zero turn
mower with an engine as agile as a ballerina
and powerful enough to cut tall grass in the
rain. The only thing better is knowing my
teenager is paying for half of it because he
just started a mowing business. Proud father.
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