(Barré) #1


Equilateral Triangle

An equilateral triangle is a triangle of three equal sides.
In the adjacent figure, triangle ABC is an equilateral

triangle; because, AB =BC =CAi.e., the lengths of
three sides are equal.

Isosceles Triangle

An isosceles triangle is triangle with two equal sides. In
the adjacent figure triangle ABC is an isosceles
triangle; becauseAB =AC zBC i.e., the lengths of
only two sides are equal.

Scalene Triangle

Sides of scalene triangle are unequal. Triangle ABC is
a scalene triangle, since the lengths of its
sidesAB,BC,CA are unequal.

Acute Angled Triangle

A triangle having all the three angles acute is acute
angled triangle. In the triangleABC each of the angles
‘BAC, ‘ABC and ‘BCA is acute i.e., the

measurement of any angle is less than 90q. So 'ABC is
acute angled.

Right Angled Triangle

A triangle with one of the angles right is a right angled
triangle. In the figure, the‘DFE is a right angle; each
of the two other angles ‘DEF and ‘EDFare acute.
The triangle'DEF is a right angled triangle.

Obtuse angled triangle

A triangle having an angle obtuse is an obtuse angled
triangle. In the figure, the ‘GKH is an obtuse angle;
the two other angles‘GHK and‘HGK are acute.
'GHKis an obtuse angled triangle.

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