Digital SLR Photography

(Jacob Rumans) #1

(Belowcentre right)“I used a beauty dish with a honeycomb grid placeddirectly above Najwa. Flags were used to create a kindof triangularvignette. Ireally enjoy working with this model becauseof her edgyspirit. She always brings such a powerful soul to the pictures.”CanonEOS 5D Mk III with Canon EF24-70mmf/2.8L II USMlens. Exposure: 1/125sec atf/11 (ISO 100).My HeartisTooDarkto CarebyAmineFassi(Belowright)“Every fashion portrait session is a new adventure andachallenge. IfI'm lucky enoughI'll come away with three orfour magicshots showing interesting expressions and emotions. Sometimes it'sthe moments between the poses that deliver the bestresults.”CanonEOS 6D with Canon EF 135mmf/2L USMlens. Exposure: 1/500sec atf/4.5 (ISO 100).KseniabyAmineFassi(Belowfarleft)“This one light set-up is my favourite studio configuration.The light is positioned very close to Immie, the model, and is set toalow power. Immie is placed rightat the edgeof the light fall-off tocreate strong contrast between light and shadow.”CanonEOS 5D Mk III with Canon EF24-70mmf/2.8L II USMlens. Exposure: 1/125sec atf/11 (ISO 100).SottoVocebyAmineFassi(Belowcentre left)“This is oneof my favourite portraits. I like it because itsheds light on a beautiful expression that is quite ambiguous. It couldbe the beginningof a smile, yetremains quite mysterious. The blurredbackground makes the model stand out in a very fragile way.”CanonEOS 5D Mk III with Canon EF 135mmf/2L USMlens. Exposure: 1/125sec atf/2.8 (ISO 125).LifeGoesOnbyAmineFassi(Left)“This was shot using only window light in a small shed. Thesetting was interesting in that the window was placed very low down,allowing the model to pose on the floorfor the best light. In just tenminutesof golden hour, Lola and I took some beautiful portraits.”CanonEOS 5D Mk III with Canon EF24-70mmf/2.8L II USMlens. Exposure: 1/320sec atf/5 (ISO 100).Can’ forphotosEvery photographerfeatured inPortfolioreceives a year'sAwesome membership to online photo community, 500px. TheAwesome membership includes unlimited uploads, advancedstatistics, Google Analytics support, a customisable portfolio andthe option to licence your images through 500px Marketplace.500px is the perfect place to discover, share, buy and sell inspiringimages from the best photographers from around the world.For more information on 500px memberships,visit: mber2016Digital slr Photography 13Portfolio

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