Awakening the Third Eye

(Barré) #1

as the progressive incarnation of a divine perfection. Death is a
mockery, and the Work aims at physical immortality through an
enlightenment of physical matter. To the Jnanis, on the other
hand, incarnated life is a fatal mistake. Actually to the Jnanis the
whole universe is a mistake, a sort of transient, foul and
nauseating emanation. And the only purpose of life is to take a
one-way ticket out of it as quickly as possible.
Sri Aurobindo was universally acclaimed in India as one of the most
enlightened yogis of all time. But do not think that the Jnanis are
shallow. A jnana-yogi such as Nisargadatta Maharaj, to take a recent
example, has deeply impressed his generation, East and West, by
the immensity of his states of consciousness.
There is no easy way around this fact: depending on where you are
looking from, you see the universe and its finality completely
differently. Please ponder upon this, for it seems to me one of the
best antidotes for dogma. Whatever your views are, don't make
them a prison. Always leave space to change your mind and your
system of the world.
To the people who wish to engage in the Clairvision style of work,
I particularly recommend two main bodies of writings: those of
the Gnostics, and those of Rudolf Steiner. The reasons for this
choice are that they both arose from vast enlightenments, they
are full of wisdom and practical information regarding the path of
inner alchemy and the western esoteric tradition, and last but not
least... they are totally irreconcilable on a number of key points! If
you want to operate with the two systems, you have no choice but
to remain relative as to the value of mental conceptions.
Once more, it is not what you believe or what you have read that
will change your spiritual life, it is what you can experience
directly. Hence the work suggested in this book, which aims at
giving you the capacity to tune in and reach your own perception
of spiritual worlds.

Chapter 1 – Principles and Method of the Work

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