Awakening the Third Eye

(Barré) #1

Table of Contents


A systematic method

Chapter 1 – Principles and Method of the Work

1.1 Do not force, do not concentrate, just be aware
1.2 No creative visualisation, no imagination, just awareness
1.3 Trust your experience
1.4 Don't analyse during an experience
1.5 Psychic protection
1.6 Practise, practise, practise...
1.7 Why delay?
1.8 Play with the techniques
1.9 Remain relative

Chapter 2 – The Mysteries of the Larynx

2.1 Throat friction
2.2 Purposes and effects of the throat friction
2.3 The mysteries of the larynx
2.4 Humming sound and the magic of bees

Chapter 3 – Awakening the Third Eye

3.1 What is the third eye?
3.2 First opening
3.3 Various experiences
3.4 Experiential references
3.5 If you are not feeling any vibration at all
3.6 More about the third eye
3.7 Third eye meditation
3.8 More humming/buzzing
3.9 How to organize your practice
3.10 The mysteries of the space

Chapter 4 – Channel Release: Let It Flow!

4.1 Channel release
4.2 Connected shaking

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