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(Dana P.) #1



n my twenties I drove tractor-trailers for a company
called Burton Lines in Durham, North Carolina. I wasn't
very good at it; my self-destruction demons had me. Only
blind luck kept me from killing myself and any other poor
suckers who happened to be on the highway at the same time.
It was a tough period. I was broke, estranged from my wife
and my family. One night I had this dream:

I was part of the crew of an aircraft carrier. Only the ship
was stuck on dry land. It was still launching its jets and
doing its thing, but it was marooned half a mile from the
ocean. The sailors all knew how screwed up the situation
was; they felt it as a keen and constant distress. The only
bright spot was there was a Marine gunnery sergeant on
board nicknamed "Largo." In the dream it seemed like the
coolest name anyone could possibly have. Largo. I loved
it. Largo was one of those hard-core senior noncoms like
the Burt Lancaster character, Warden, in From Here to
Eternity. The one guy on the ship who knows exactly
what's going on, the tough old sarge who makes all the
decisions and actually runs the show.

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