Teach Your Kids To Code: A Parent-friendly Guide to Python Programming

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About the Author

Dr. Bryson Payne is a tenured professor of computer science at the
University of North Georgia, where he has taught aspiring coders
for more than 15 years. His students have built successful careers
at Blizzard Entertainment, Riot Games, Equifax, CareerBuilder,
and more. He was the first department head of computer science at
UNG, and he holds a PhD in computer science from Georgia State
University. In addition, he works extensively with K–12 schools to
promote technology education.
Dr. Payne has been programming for more than 30 years. The
first program he sold was to RUN magazine (Commodore 64) for
their “Magic” column in 1985, for $10.
Dr. Payne lives north of Atlanta, Georgia, with his wife, Bev,
and two sons, Alex and Max.

About the Illustrator

Miran Lipovac� a is the author of Learn You a Haskell for Great
Good!. He enjoys boxing, playing bass guitar, and, of course,
drawing. He has a fascination with dancing skeletons and the
number 71, and when he walks through automatic doors he pre-
tends that he’s actually opening them with his mind.

About the Technical Reviewer

Ari Lacenski is a developer of Android applications and Python
software. She lives in San Francisco. She writes about Android
programming at http://gradlewhy.ghost.io/, mentors with Women
Who Code, and plays songs about space pirates on guitar.

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