How to Win the Job by Communicating with Confidence

(Marcin) #1


To my first career counselor, Astrid Berg, who told me, “If it’s in
your heart, do it.”
To Jack Stein, Rusty Stein, Jill Stein, Melissa Greer, Krishna
Roman, and Saundra Ridel, whose love and gentle guidance
have shown me that for every challenge, there is a spiritual
Special thanks to Wilma Marcus, Steven Beasley, Kate Smith,
Maggie Smith, Michael Mersman, Jack Chapman, Debbie
Featherston, Carolyn Clark, Bill Shipley, and Mark Guterman
for helping me discover a great well of ideas, courage, and
creativity, and, most of all, the resolve to express them.
Finally, my deepest gratitude to my editor, Michelle Howry,
for her unwavering faith in me and my work.
Thank you.

Marky Stein

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