How to Draw Flowers and Plants

(Joyce) #1

Step 4: Redraw the petals of the flowers with irregular wavy lines.
Add another irregular curving line across the center of three of the
petals in each flower.

Add a third, small irregular curve near the center of each of the
three petals. Leave the top petal plain. Draw an irregular circle for
the center.

Step 5: Darken the area of the petals between the two irregular
lines with many lines radiating from the center. Put small dots
within the center circle. Shade the outer edges of the petals and
the leaves with short parallel lines.

Shade the bud in the same way. Add more short curving lines for
the remaining veins in the leaves.

These next flowering plants appear to have faces too, but it's their
heart-shaped petals that make these flowers a favorite.

Continue to the next section to learn how to draw a violet.

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