Food Biochemistry and Food Processing (2 edition)

(Steven Felgate) #1

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Food biochemistry principles and knowledge have become
indispensable in practically all the major disciplines of food sci-
ence, such as food technology, food engineering, food biotech-
nology, food processing, and food safety within the past few
decades. Knowledge in these areas has grown exponentially and
keeps growing, and is disseminated through various media in
both printed and electronic forms, and entire books are avail-
able for almost all the distinct specialty areas mentioned above.
The two areas of food biochemistry and food processing are
becoming closely interrelated. Fundamental knowledge in food
biochemistry is crucial to enable food technologists and food
processing engineers to rationalize and develop more effective
strategies to produce and preserve food in safe and stable forms.
Nonetheless, books combining food biochemistry and food pro-
cessing/engineering principles are rare, and the first edition of
this book was designed to fill the gap by assembling information
on following six broad topics in the two areas:

  1. Principles of food biochemistry.

  2. Advances in selected areas of food biochemistry.

  3. Food biochemistry and the processing of muscle foods and

  4. Food biochemistry and the processing of fruits, vegetables
    and cereals.

  5. Food biochemistry and the processing of fermented foods.

  6. Food microbiology and food safety.

These topics were spread over 31 chapters in the first edition.
The second edition of the book provides an update of sev-
eral chapters from the first edition and expands the contents to
encompass eight broad topics as follows:

  1. Principles and analyses

  2. Biotechnology and enzymology

  3. Muscle foods (meats, poultry, and fish)

  4. Milk and dairy
    5. Fruits, vegetables, and cereals
    6. Health and functional foods
    7. Food processing
    8. Food safety and food allergens

These eight broad topics are spread over 45 chapters in the
second edition, and represents close to 50% increase in content
over the previous version. In addition, abstracts capturing the
salient features of the different chapters are provided in this new
edition of the book.
The book is the result of the combined efforts of more than
65 professionals with diverse expertise and backgrounds in food
biochemistry, food processing, and food safety who are affiliated
with industry, government research institutions, and academia
from over 18 countries. These experts were led by an inter-
national editorial team of six members from four countries in
assembling together the different topics in food biochemistry,
food commodities, food processing, and food safety in this one
The end product is unique, both in depth and breadth, and
is highly recommended both as an essential reference book on
food biochemistry and food processing for professionals in gov-
ernment, industry, and academia; and as classroom text for un-
dergraduate courses in food chemistry, food biochemistry, food
commodities, food safety, and food processing principles.
We wish to thank all the contributing authors for sharing
their knowledge and expertise for their invaluable contribution
and their patience for staying the course and seeing this project

B.K. Simpson
L.M.L. Nollet
F. Toldr ́a
S. Benjakul
G. Paliyath
Y.H. Hui

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