Nursing Diagnoses in Psychiatric Nursing Care Plans and Psychotropic Medications

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  1. In planning for discharge: e. Ensure that ADLs follow home routine as closely as f. Provide for consistency in assignment of daily caregivers. a. Perform ongoing assessment of client’s ability to fulfi b. Assess prospective caregivers’ ability to anticipate and c. National support organizations can provide information: d. Provide a structured schedule of activities that does not priorities.Alzheimer’s AssociationChicago, IL 60601-7633change from day to day.1-800-327-4545nutritional needs, ensure personal safety, follow medi-cation regimen, and communicate need for assistance with those activities that he or she cannot accomplish independently. Miami, FL 33136-14941501 NW 9th Ave.225 N. Michigan Ave., Fl. 17fulfiNational Parkinson Foundation, Inc.caregivers with this responsibility. Ensure that caregivers are aware of available community support systems from which they can seek assistance when required. possible.facilitate transition to discharge from treatment center. ll client’s unmet needs. Provide information to assist Delirium, Dementia, and Amnestic Disorders Client safety and security are nursing This will ●^65 ll

2 2506_Ch03_054-070.indd 65 506 Ch 03 054 - 070 .indd ● DefiPossible Etiologies (“related to”) 1. Client willingly participates in ADLs.exaggerated, distorted, or impaired response to such stimuli. 3. Client’s unf ulfi 2. Client accomplishes ADLs to the best of his or her ability.Outcome Criteria[either internally or externally initiated] accompanied by a diminished, 6 [Alteration in structure/function of brain tissue, secondary to 5 the following conditions: (Specify)DISTURBED SENSORY PERCEPTION nition:Advanced ageVa sc u la r d isea se1-800-272-3900 Change in the amount or patterning of incoming stimuli lled needs are met by caregivers. 1 10/1/10 9:33:41 AM 0 / 1 / 10 9 : 33 : 41 AM
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