Oxford Handbook of Human Resource Management

(Steven Felgate) #1

strategic management of human capital, in different modes of employment, and in
the links between HRM and performance.

Heather MacDonaldis a doctoral candidate in psychology at the University of
Waterloo where she is conducting research on leadership, work motivation, and
performance appraisal.

Mick Marchingtonis Professor of Human Resource Management at the University
of Manchester where he has also served as Dean of Management Studies. His
research traverses worker participation and voice and the changing nature of
work, and his most recent book isFragmenting Work: Blurring Organizational
Boundaries and Disordering Hierarchies(Oxford University Press), co-edited with
Damian Grimshaw, Jill Rubery and Hugh Willmott.

Lilian M. de Menezes is a senior lecturer in the Cass Business School, City
University, London. Her research focuses on forecasting, human resource manage-
ment, and measurement in the social sciences.

Marc Orlitzkyis an Associate Professor in the School of Business at the University
of Redlands in California. His research includes studies of corporate social-finan-
cial performance, corporate social responsibility and business ethics, and strategic

Jaap Paauweis Professor in Human Resource Studies in the Faculty of Social and
Behavioural Sciences at Tilburg University. His research ranges across HRM and
industrial relations and his publications includeHRM and Performance: Achieving
Long-Term Viability(Oxford University Press).

Sharon K. Parker is Professor of Occupational Psychology at the Institute of
Work Psychology, University of Sheffield, and the Institute’s Director. Her research
interests include work design, employee learning and development, organiza-
tional change, and workplace health, and her publications include Job and
Work Design: Organizing Work to Promote Well-Being and Effectiveness (Sage)
with Toby Wall.

Shaun Pichleris a doctoral candidate at the School of Labor and Industrial
Relations at Michigan State University with research interests in EEO and the
management of diversity.

John Purcellis Professor of Human Resource Management at the University of
Bath where he is Head of Research in the School of Management and where he leads
the Work and Employment Research Centre (WERC). His research interests span
the impact of people management on organizational performance, HRM in multi-
divisional firms, employee relations’ styles, and changing forms of work and
employment, and his books includeStrategy and Human Resource Management
(Palgrave Macmillan) with Peter Boxall.

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