Oxford Handbook of Human Resource Management

(Steven Felgate) #1

industrial relations, and employee turnover. His publications includeDeveloping
Managerial Competence(Routledge) with Ruth Winterton.

Stephen Woodis Professor and Deputy Director of the Institute of Work Psych-
ology at the University of Sheffield. His recent research has concerned high-
involvement management, employee voice, idea-capturing schemes, portfolio
working, and the social challenges of nanotechnology. He is editor (with Howard
Gospel) ofRepresenting Workers: Trade Union Recognition and Membership in

Patrick Wrightis Professor of Human Resource Studies and Director of the Cornell
Center for Advanced Human Resource Studies in the School of Industrial and
Labor Relations, Cornell University. His research interests span the relationship
between HR practices and firm performance, the creation of a strategic HR
function, and HR’s role in corporate governance, and he is the co-author of
Fundamentals of Human Resource Management (McGraw Hill) with Raymond
Noe, John Hollenbeck, and Barry Gerhart.

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