The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

For people who grew up in God-centered religions and teachings, it would be difficult at first to
understand the idea of the Flame and the Shadow-Worlds. The Flame is a Primordial Source - this
is not something that can really be talked about, at least there are no words to describe it. If they
describe it, they automatically lose it. All the keywords we use to name the Flame (Absolute, Zero-
Key, Proto-Source) are all approximate and aim to simply name the inexplicable without trying to
declare or describe it. All these words cannot really paint the picture, but just infer to its "aroma".
The Flame is inexplicable to the mind and consciousness, as it cannot be explained, but it could be
experienced. It can be accepted and applied. That is why one of the symbols of the Flame is the
"Zero Key". The Key that unlocks all the doors. That`s why the Flame, is the only Reality.
Everything else that we can describe in one way or another is no longer Reality, but Actuality.
Actuality encompasses everything you can imagine, everything you can talk about or describe -
that of the Shadow Worlds - a giant "library" of possibilities and choices that exist in parallel and
simultaneously. All possibilities that were, are, and will be. From this "library" the Magician
chooses this "Shadow", this "State" that most closely approaches his Magic Act and then
"activates" the Shadow and it comes to life. It becomes real. One cannot speak of the Creation of
something new here, even if it is done for the first time, because the Shadows hold everything that
could be. The Flame is conditionally called the Center of the Spider's Web:

If we follow the Circle of Proto-Elements (Darkness-Intention-Flame-Chaos-Water), we can say
that the Magic Act follows the same sequence. In the step of the Flame, we immerse ourselves in
Reality - the Primordial Source, the Zero Key (the Center of the Cobweb) and then through the
Chaos (lines) we reach the desired Shadow World or in other words the Actuality (the empty fields
in the Spider Web). That`s why the Book says:

"If you want to meet something in Reality, you must first find it in Actuality."
Book of the Chosen Ones - Sound: 85

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