The Art of Magic by Moriel Yamanu

(tbbbooks) #1

In this line of thought, everything a person talks about, describes a part of his Actuality. The world
is for man the description people have told him and that part of which he has believed and accepted.
Even the concept of "God" is part of this Actuality. God becomes actual for man when he begins
to describe God in his mind, but God is not Real. Although existent, it is not Reality. You can talk
about God, you can follow some descriptions, but you cannot experience him or master him - he
remains the fruit of your mind and what you have accepted to believe about him. On the other
hand, you cannot speak or describe the Flame, but you can experience it as a Proto Power, to
summon it, to "work" with it. You cannot really explain your experience - it cannot be explained,
but it can be passed from Master to Disciple through methods and personal example. That is why
God remains locked in the World of man because if he cannot be described and talked about, he
will no longer be God. God is needed for man to outgrow him. When the time comes for a man to
disappear, he will no longer need God. The Flame, on the other hand, is not even the hidden part
of the universe - The Flame is everything beyond...

"God is temporary, but man is immorta l. You are the final product of creation. You don’t need
God, but the Flame. Everyone creates that in which he chooses to believe in. The fear is not real,
but it becomes real when you start feeding it with your belief. The gods did not create you, but you
create them when you choose to believe in them.”
Book of the Chosen - Gods: 44


From Reality and Actuality come respectively the Identity and the Personality. All people live in
Actuality - this is the World that people see and know (or think they know). The world we have
agreed to accept in a certain way - an unspoken agreement between all people. This includes all
norms of behavior, stereotypes, statements that most people have not tested on their own, but have
taken for granted because others have said it is right. Actuality is everything that can be described
by reason. Personality is the mask that everyone wears around the world. The Personality is your
own, individual World. What a person believes about himself; the ideas of others about himself;
which believes and statements he chooses to accept as "true", all the belief of what he should be
and what he should not be; the ideals for oneself. This is the Personality - the "face" that the world
gives to man and man chooses to accept it voluntarily, without doubting the authenticity of its
origin. When one begins to doubt the World, begins the cracking of the myth of the Personality.
With each reincarnation, a person establishes a new Personality, new beliefs, a new social role,
Identity, on the other hand, is direct contact with the Flame for each person. Identity does not
change from one reincarnation to another. Identity is the Memory that is carried sealed from one
life to another. Not everyone has an Identity - most people do not have an Identity, only a
Personality. One of the first tasks of an Apprentice is to unlock the Identity and realize it. Without
attaining Identity, the Disciple cannot become an Adept. Therefore, the Magician who masters his
Identity can have many Personalities. He just knows that these are just the roles he plays. He does
not believe in the various Personalities he accepts but uses them Strategically to accomplish his

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